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FirstService Residential Gulf Coast Hurricane Preparedness Information

With the possibility of the hurricane affecting the Houston area, please implement the following procedure as a minimum preparation. The Houston / Galveston Weather Services Office and the local Emergency Management Coordinator (Civil Defense Director) will release statements to the news media on the position and the intensity of the hurricane and their recommendations of which areas should be evacuated.

In the event evacuation is recommended you need to have a pre-arranged location where you wait out the storm. Follow the building's evacuation plan and be sure you notify the building management of a telephone number where you can be reached if it is necessary to provide information on the status of the building or of your unit.

FirstService Residential will have an emergency team set up and will have contractors on 24-hour call to assist as soon as the storm has passed. All calls will be attended to on a priority basis. Be sure to report any damage as soon as feasible to FirstService Residential at 713.932.1122 (or email contactus.tx@fsresidential.com) as they will be working with the Association's insurance company and adjusters.

Your personal property is NOT covered by the Association's policy.

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